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Our Final Post & Thoughts On Year 1 of ISP|Happy Holidays!

  As Christmas is upon us and our family festivities are about to begin for the next two weeks, everywhere I went I was asked that same question, “Do  you have all your Christmas shopping done?”. Nope. “Are you close?”. Not at all, not even close….not a single thing done. BUT, we managed to get our holiday cards out, all 225 of them. Does that count as being on top of my game? It should. I am sick again for about the 15th time this year (normally I am never sick), no shopping done, didn’t even get down to the […]

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The Meaning of Our New Childrens Book, Dylan & Delany, Is Deeper Than You May Think

Link to Kickstarter Click Here Many of you know how the Infinite Smile Project started and why we developed our book series and programs to teach kids kindness, but many of you don’t. Some of you knew us before having the twins, after having them, during the wait for “Angel’s” heart surgery, once she was better and some of you – still don’t know us but came across ISP and fell in love with what it does and will continue to do in the world. Our launch was behind about 50 days but it was well worth it. We met […]

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