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The Gift Everyone Wants, but Not Everyone is Lucky to Get

My intention and direction with this blog was always to promote kindness, gratitude, and a pathway to a happier, more fulfilling life in a time when the world seems smothered in ugliness. As I post various fun and interactive ideas to sprinkle kindness and love wherever you roam, I wanted to discuss the best but sometimes most difficult act of love and kindness one can offer. It’s certainly one of the kindest gifts one can give but certainly comes with challenges for most. This, my friends, is the gift of time. What’s a gift without a little effort involved? We […]

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How Loss Became My Best Teacher of Life

I love that ISP is a creative outlet for me to do so many things – exploring and sharing places I love, celebrating amazing people that inspire me, creative kindness projects I get to experiment on my kids and share with the world, and talking about what cultivates happiness and why kindness in this day and age is king. However life is not always champagne and roses, right? There is something to be said about exposing oneself and sharing personal stories when the time feels natural. For me this is that time so I hope you will indulge me by […]

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