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Want to Be Inspired? Please Take a Moment to Read About What She Did Differently in the Face of Tragedy

 A very different post from me but one that I hope inspires……. On my usual crazy day I noticed on my phone I had a notification of a post placed on my Facebook page. This was the photo that popped up. What appeared to be an article someone shared on my page certainly was not. I had to do a double- take at who it was from and then stopped my car to read it and read it again. Here is what was written on my page: “A few months ago, I met with someone who I had never really […]

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A Beautiful Girl & Her Courageous Gift for All Kids to Enjoy

The following article is one close to my heart as I went to high school with this incredible woman. This story demonstrates the power and potential kindness has when communities band together. I could not be more proud to be associated with some of the amazing people I went to school with that helped Maddie achieve her dream. Please read this story about her courageous journey to memorialize her beautiful daughter Have you ever been to a great museum, landmark, college building or any other beautiful place that has someone’s name attached and you wonder how the amazing place came […]

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What’s Happening Hot Stuff?

As quoted from my favorite movie of all time, Sixteen Candles, “What’s happening hot stuff?” (see below) and thanks for dropping by to see what The Infinite Smile Project is all about. So, who are we you ask? We like to think of ourselves as a social experiment that could quite possibly change the world. If you look up the definition of infinite it will simply state something that is “unbounded or unlimited; boundless; endless”. Our common goal is to see what happens when people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and interests start reaching out to one another with one […]

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