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What is the #1 Way to Sustain Happiness? It’s Probably Not What You Think.

Did you know that research has proven that the single most influential factor to sustained happiness is acts of kindness and service to another? To do something greater than yourself, reach out to another human being or engage in a cause that you feel is worthwhile. Studies have shown time and time again that social status, wealth, culture, religion, material items……none of these can sustain happiness in life alone. But with consistent acts of charity, philanthropy or kindness a life of happiness is possible. We noticed our blog post did not email out this past week. In case you missed […]

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A New Must Read That Will Make You Ask, “What Can I Do to Change the World?”

  “It’s not other people who are responsible for making our world a better place; it’s us.” –Erik Rees When planning for a beach vacation or preparing for a long flight there are many great reads out there to choose from. I tend to lean towards witty, comical books or choose biographies to sort of escape reality on these trips. However, the book I just finished reading last week, “Never Ever Give Up, the Inspiring Story of Jessie and Her JoyJars”, by Erik Rees, was one that sort of fell in my lap by chance. I had the pleasure of […]

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