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Hit the Lab Before School’s Out: the Coffee Lab that is……..

  One of the important things to me in starting this program and blog was to highlight people and places that have a wonderful philanthropic back story, amazing people that run amazing establishments or just places and spaces that you just ought to know. Portola Coffee Lab and Seventh Tea Bar encompasses all three for me. I am only going to speak about their business and products which certainly have raised the bar  but also want to note that the owner, Christa, played such an integral part in helping us during our daughters’ diagnosis. I wanted to select their business […]

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Wanna get “dirty”? At the Mud Run that is…….

  What better way to spend a Sunday morning than swimming in mud with a very fit Marines leaning over your mud pit shouting into a loud speaker, “Are you serious? Swim FASTER!” or “That’s right get your face IN THAT MUD as you do those push-ups PRINNNCCEESSSS”? Yes please, may I have another? You sure may. And obstacle courses, and lunges across the dirt midway through the run, and through muddy trenches on your hands and knees across the length of a football field. Oh right, and don’t forget once your shoes and socks are weighted down with wet […]

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