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This Teacher Figured out the Ultimate Bully Hack, and How She Does it will Make You Cry

This is a call-to-arms for every parent, teacher, coach, and adult who works with children: When you’re a kid who you sit next to at school is your lifeline. At least, you probably thought it was at the time. But one amazing teacher has used the power of the seating chart to save lives, not lifelines, and it’s probably not how you think. Every Friday, this brilliant teacher asks her students to write the names of 4 children they wish to sit next to the following week in a brief survey. In addition, they are asked to nominate one child […]

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It’s that time of year again!

  It’s time to show our beloved teachers how much we appreciate them for taking such good care of our little munchkins all year (and let’s be honest also thank them for those few extra hours to ourselves Monday-Friday). Living in SoCal we decided to do something a little different and send them off for summer with some R & R in mind. The twinsies gave their amazing preschool teachers this little bundle of summer love to start off summer properly. Because we all know these teachers deserve some down time for a couple of months until September rolls around […]

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