Club TKO Testimonials!

Club TKO has been busy during their first semester of school! Participants have organized multiple events throughout the past few months to promote kindness and inclusivity in their school. You can read about some of the amazing things they’ve been up to in this post. We think it’s pretty amazing what these kids, ages 8-11, have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time and we can’t wait to see what they’re up to in 2020. 

As you and your family set resolutions for the new year, we hope being kind and inclusive to others is at the top of your list. Even one small act of kindness a day can make a difference in someone’s life. This is especially important for school-aged children. Unfortunately, bullying is still prevalent in schools around the country. The best way to combat bullying though is to encourage kids to reach out to peers. When kids have a peer support system to turn to then they’re less likely to feel alone. Club TKO started off the year with welcoming students back to school and promoted making new friends. Some of the Club TKO kids have shared their reflections about one of their first events of the year, “Start With Hello Week”. 

“I liked Start With Hello Week because it was fun seeing people smiling.”

“It was fun, helpful, and kind! I met some new people and talked to some new people.”

“I loved that people were in on the kindness so that new kids felt welcome. I saw so many acts of kindness. It made me really happy to see so much kindness.” 

“I met Katherine (name changed) and I thought it was near to get to know someone new. I also think (Start With Hello Week) should be longer and I want to know everyone.”

“I thought Start With Hello Week was awesome!”

We think Start With Hello Week was awesome too and a huge success! As you can see the Club TKO kids really enjoyed being kind and meeting new friends. All it takes is a smile and a little courage. To read more about Start With Hello Week and how it started click here.

As you ring in the new year – take it from the Club TKO kids – smile, be courageous, make new friends, be kind and include others. We have a lot in store for the year ahead and hope you join us!