The First TKO Club in the U.S. (mentored by TKO, London) Has Been Busy & We Are So PROUD!

The Founding Members of Club TKO, U.S.A. after their first meeting!

Club TKO is up and running and our Ambassadors are doing pretty amazing things. In only 8 weeks they have spread kindness and leadership across their campus, impressed their parents, teachers and even their Principal with their excitement, dedication and ideas on how to make their school amazingly kind and inclusive.

One of the many posters students made to place around school during “Start With Hello Week”.

One of the components of club I wanted the most for the Ambassadors was leadership experience. With technology so prevalent in their daily lives, personal touches, working with others face to face, interacting with peers, adults, leaders and other stakeholders in the community is a lost art in a way and isn’t getting much better unless approached with consciousness.

Each lead for the month is “Flocked” by the TKO Flamingo with their campaign theme & instructions.

We have separated the club into small groups with our 5th graders as the “lead” for each month this year and “team” of 4th and 3rd graders to take the campaign for the month, come up with ideas on how to make it fun, how to market it, who to contact and how to make it happen, and implement their ideas. Month one went great and without little direction this group of 4 kids did a great job!

Working hard & voicing our opinions on ways we think we can improve our school & community. It is a democracy after all……

In just a mere 2 months this group of 33 kids ages 8-11 welcomed the school back with kindness stickers and acts, did a book drive for a local orphanage, had the school make bookmarks with special notes to go with the books, decorated bags with notes of encouragement and filled with food to feed our local homeless  at the #HastagLunchBagOC event, collected pasta and sauce to donate to the OWW’s pantry for families in need, and was even one of the first schools in California to implement and execute Start with Hello Week to banish exclusion and create unity and tolerance on campus. They have shown up with their green Club TKO shirts on ready to go, work, and inspire others to spread kindness and acts of service at their school and community and have been more engaged and excited than even their parents expected.

They are hard at work on their next project with their November team lead and his crew. Already ready to go is their drive to send stuffed stockings to support our troops and families overseas for the holidays. Many Ambassadors and their families will also join Mr. Tyron and OWW to serve the homeless at his Thanksgiving Extravaganza later this month. Even though this time of year is incredibly busy for families, our Ambassadors and their parents have been incredibly committed to help serve others and inspire others to join us.

Join the “Club”

Most of our events can be done at any school or in any community easily. For more information on any of these events or Club TKO, please email