Movie With a Message ~ Holiday Edition

Movie With a Message ~ Holiday Edition

It’s that time of year that as soon as Thanksgiving strikes midnight, my kids begin the search on our smart TV for all the holiday movie classics. They have their favorites we watch each year and of course throw in my favorite (because it IS the best one), Elf. This year we tried a few new ones now that the kids are a bit older and can understand the larger meaning of the holiday and the spirit of giving.

For those that don’t know me and what I do for work well, I am more than blessed with the team that works with me. I have amazing, caring, intelligent, talented staff that are wonderful with children, fantastic role models to young girls, and are beautiful outside and in for their kindness. I rave about them all the time and truly feel my team is unique in the type of employees I have collectively brought together as our “team”. It was one of these amazing women, Miss Morgan, who told me about this movie. She does a lot of charity work and always knows interesting Instagram accounts, podcasts and articles that focus on giving, the art of happiness and kindness. Morgan was the one that told me about the movie, “A Christmas Tree Miracle”.

A Christmas Tree Miracle is not a movie I had ever heard of and mainly can only be found online currently. I told Morgan I wanted us to write a post about the movie so others can look it up as I found it to be a bit obsolete and if no one told you to search for you, you most likely would miss it. We sat down Thanksgiving weekend with the kids and watched this one as a family not knowing much other than it was a movie with a good message I would want to share with my kids and their Club TKO at school.

“Nina”. Source, Google images.

The 2013 movie centers around the George family a few years ago. Like most families I know today, everyone is incredibly busy and bogged down with work, holiday events at school, social commitments in their community, and balancing life with kids during the holiday season. Dad, David, is consumed with work running frantic on his cell phone hardly acknowledging his surroundings, and Mom, Julie, is irritated with her spoiled teenagers and their growing holiday lists and “wants”. However, there is one person in the family that seems to stop and appreciate what is around her and emulates the true Christmas spirit. That person is adorable 6 year old, Nina. As time goes on life takes a turn when he loses his job, the family’s finances fall apart and they find themselves homeless.

Without giving away the story, just remember the man David meets in the coffee shop. He appears homeless but as the story develops we find he is much more complex than he seems and brings this family a new chance and outlook on life, love, family and giving. It is a little slow to start, but hang in there ~ my kids loved it and the adults thought it was a great message and story for the holiday season.

The mystery man in the coffee shop. Source, Google images

As I said it was not super easy to find, but I found it on Amazon here. Once the kids are out and you have down time over the holidays, try and stream if you can. Let us know what your family thinks of this hidden gem!