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Can Kindness Be a Non-Profit? YEP! ISP kicks off this week with contests, giveaways and some new friends…..

That day is here! The Infinite Smile Project is officially launching to the public and we are going to have some FUN. Although non-profits are wonderful regardless of their purpose or cause – I think many of us can agree when we think of the words “fundraiser” and “non-profit” we think of formal dinners and speeches, golf tourneys and did we say speeches? Well, welcome to ISP – our goal is….and always will be… raise awareness, develop programs, conduct fundraisers and recruit volunteers all in the name of kindness while dripping with fun. Don’t forget, we were mentored by the […]

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We May Not Be Able to Change the World Right Now, But We Can Do Our Best to Change Our Children

I am not one to watch the news as much as I used to. I always want to be up to date on the world events, politics and be able to carry on an intelligent conversation when required – however I can only take so much. I am one of those people that can’t just watch the devastation unfold on CNN and then go about my normal daily routine. I get sucked in and somehow physically can place myself in someone’s strife and heartache (ie. families of the Malaysian crashes or situations with ISIS), my empathy has no boundaries. Over […]

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“Happy Birthday, Now Let’s Donate All Your Presents!”|Are We Mean Parents? Nope.

Have you ever told your 4 year old “Happy Birthday” then said, “Okay, now hand us all your presents”? We did, and I promise you it wasn’t as disastrous as you might think. I have mentioned previously that my twins get so much attention it should be illegal. Just the other day I picked them up from Disneyland with their Nanny and they hopped in the car with stuffed animals gripped in their arms and towering past their heads. I looked at our Nanny as if I couldn’t believe she gave into their requests for toys and she just looked […]

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