Can Kindness Be a Non-Profit? YEP! ISP kicks off this week with contests, giveaways and some new friends…..

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That day is here!

The Infinite Smile Project is officially launching to the public and we are going to have some FUN. Although non-profits are wonderful regardless of their purpose or cause – I think many of us can agree when we think of the words “fundraiser” and “non-profit” we think of formal dinners and speeches, golf tourneys and did we say speeches? Well, welcome to ISP – our goal is….and always will be… raise awareness, develop programs, conduct fundraisers and recruit volunteers all in the name of kindness while dripping with fun.

Don’t forget, we were mentored by the masters. Remember these guys in London? I mean,they look like a group that makes kindness the most fun one can have, right?

Getting to Know the Kindness Offensive -

The boys from The Kindness Offensive, London – our lovely mentors and friends. Photo credit The Kindness Offensive.

So grab some champagne this early Monday morning

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Okay, okay, you can have the G rated version for you AND your kids since it is Monday and I am sure we are all a bit partied out. Or just because your boss wouldn’t appreciate pouring some bubbly at work first thing on a Monday.


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It’s time to celebrate!

As this non-profit that is all things kind and charitable has been long in the works – we feel like throwing a fun cyber party. We have lots of fun things going on this month and want to spread the word.

Let me explain further….

We have several things going on starting tomorrow and need your help spreading the word so we can get as many people to enjoy our hard work and spread some kindness everywhere they can.

1. Launch of our new friends and book concept: Dylan & Delany’s World of Kindness.


DylanDelany dog castle

Dylan and Delany are our new friends ISP is using to teach and demonstrate the meaning of kindness to our youngest audiences of ages 3-8. You will see them popping up around town leaving gifts in parks and beaches just so say hi and make someone’s day.

We will also introduce soon their magic kindness wands. More to come on these but we can tell you the amazing thing about this book is it is interactive and put kindness into action once the book is read. It’s a patented concept for ISP and we will share more with you later next month.

We are doing a kickstarter to get Dylan & Delany off the ground and running. Kickstarter is a crowd funding site for books and other creative products that need a little boost to get off the ground. Each level of donations have rewards which means you donate, you get a piece of Dylan and Delany to keep. We hope to have this link ready to go by tonight but just in case check back Wednesday at the Contest/Events page and check out what we have been putting our heart and soul into. Our focus groups of kids 2-12 loved it and we think you will too!

2. Kids Kindness Contest

Since we are all about making kindness fun and interactive we want kids around the country to have a say in the book. That is why we decided to let them create our last character in the book. Anyone under 18 can submit a drawing, name of the character, and a description of him/her. We want to know what makes this character incredibly kind and an asset to our world. Lastly, each character champions a particular charity. Each kid decides which charity he/she wants his/her new character to champion and why. The drawing isn’t what we are looking for but just the idea of these characters. We expect to see even our 3 year old fans to enter! Click here to see the flyer, contest rules and how to enter. No obligations, just awareness and fun. Know anyone you can send the contest to? Please forward on the flyer on this link as the winner gets $1000 towards college or a charity of their choice! We also have some fun surprise prizes for the runners up. Oh and one last thing: we don’t choose the winner – YOU do. So see, it’s fun for the whole family!

3. Giveaways nearly every day – just for the FUN of it.

donors photo

A few of our amazing donors. More listed on our website.

Tons of “kind ” and “fun” companies have donated amazing things strictly to give away to the community just because they believe in us and want to get people excited about kindness too. Almost every day while running kickstarter we will be giving away prizes from these companies ranging from $25-$350 each. Donate $10 that day and your odds are pretty good of winning some awesome, fun stuff. Plus, it’s all for a good cause – teaching our youngest kids to be kind and thwart bullying and violence in the future. It doesn’t get much better than that.

4. Events and posts in the name of kindness and inspiration


Look for our Kids Kindness Event at the new trendy place to eat and play, The Anaheim Packing District on 9/28.

From local events open to everyone to private events with our Marines, ISP is all over the place this month. Look for our postings for our events that have free kind crafts and lessons in kindness on our Facebook page and blog posts. Can’t come? We will post and teach you how you can do these kind crafts at home. We will also be blogging about inspirational people we have found along the way that are doing unbelievable things. Our goal is to give you a nice escape from the reality of the world currently and put a smile on your face this month (it’s working already, isn’t it?).

5. Launch of our Kindness Campaigns and Challenges


The twinsies delivering school backpacks last month to a shelter.

Each month on the Infinite Smile Project website we will feature a kindness campaign and challenge. The campaign for this month will be backpack donations for either kids with school supplies or for the homeless with some necessities they are probably lacking. Our challenge is Blessing Bags. Check our campaigns page in a few days for more information on how you can participate and inspire others.

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Can you help us?

If you receive this blog you must support what we are trying to do. If you have a moment please post this blog post on your social media sites asking people to support our book, like our page or sign up for our blog for some inspiration. Email this to friends. Ask if they can either donate $10 for the kickstarter, participate in the campaigns, or even just read our posts to get inspired to touch someone this month with kindness. This is where it starts and I am determined to make some changes before my kids enter school in this sometimes crazy world. Many of you know our story and all of this was born after “Angel’s” open-heart surgery. She would love nothing more than to see this fun thing her and her twin did for fun turn into something amazing for others to know and share.

As always I appreciate all the support we have received thus far, press interviews and articles, emails and photos. It’s been a fun ride so far and now it’s time to let others enjoy it too.

Have a fabulous week and let’s get started!