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Why You Should Do This Before Your Next Gift Exchange (plus 9 awesome charities for the holidays)

Here is a kindness hack that will also make your holiday shopping easier and more meaningful this season, with this great challenge inspired by one of our own staff. It really works and has been a wonderful way to involve the children in her family for many years. Plus it seriously eliminates the time and hassle of finding “the perfect gift” because it’s practically perfect in every way.   We all have that person in our family who seems like they already have, well everything. You know the ones I’m talking about. They probably already have the iPhone X. They […]

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Cyber Monday Kids Items $5 (not raffled) & Our BIGGEST Giveaways This Week

  This photo above is my worst nightmare. It gives me anxiety just looking at it. I am not a big shopper anyway so Black Friday just looks like an awful way to spend my day after stuffing my face nice and cozy in my house on Thanksgiving. But CYBER MONDAY….well that is a different story. Shopping from my home – alone- is more my pace. So we had to do some Cyber Monday offerings in the name of charity Monday, December 1st. FIRST, we have items for those who donate at the $5 mark all day today. For these […]

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View Our Secret Calendar of Amazing Giveaways all in the Name of Kindness for a Great Cause!

One of the amazing things about ISP is that people love the concept so much they were happy to donate items from their businesses, give back to the community, help our kindness programs for schools and just spread some smiles to people in November and December. Truth be told I worked hard to get them. I am not good at asking for things sometimes but I knew the cause was a good one which is making the world a better place for my kids as they grow into young adults. Because I put a lot of time, thought and effort […]

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