View Our Secret Calendar of Amazing Giveaways all in the Name of Kindness for a Great Cause!

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One of the amazing things about ISP is that people love the concept so much they were happy to donate items from their businesses, give back to the community, help our kindness programs for schools and just spread some smiles to people in November and December.

Truth be told I worked hard to get them. I am not good at asking for things sometimes but I knew the cause was a good one which is making the world a better place for my kids as they grow into young adults. Because I put a lot of time, thought and effort into who I wanted to ask to support ISP, I want to ensure people are able to get these amazing donations and make it as simple as possible.

Since our kickstarter just started donations come in sporadically. Because of this, odds are extremely good. Many days one in three or four. I am telling you this because for $5 or $10 (or more if you are feeling generous) you get your name in the pot for the giveaway of that day donated by some amazing business owners and companies that believe in what we are doing and back us.

There have been some questions on how this works exactly so I would like to use this post to give the instructions to win cool prizes while donating to an awesome cause.

Below is the calendar of giveaways. Basically some insider information on what we are giving away, which days, and the retail amount of each item that was donated. This calendar will remain the same. The only thing that may change is we might add more than one donation on any given day as a few more are still coming in.

giveaways November

giveaways December

You may donate any amount to qualify ($5 the lowest option) any day or more than once. For example if you chose to spread out say a $50 donation across 10 different days to get your chance at a prize, go for it! If you do go back in the system and donate a second or third time, Kickstarter will ask you to “increase your (original) donation”. This is fine as it will still show on the dashboard as a new “backer”.

Starting at midnight on that date until midnight that night anyone who donates any amount automatically gets entered into the drawing for the giveaway on the calendar. For example, if you wanted the $300 unlimited month at Pure Barre on 12/1, mark your calendar to go to kickstarter that day, donate, and you will be entered into the drawing.

We receive a report of donors from that day. We take that list, print it, cut into pieces and do some old fashioned name drawing. If you win, you receive an email or call from us within 2 days. Once we speak with you we send out the giveaway or email you the voucher.
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Here is how you enter:

1. Check out the calendar attached each day to see what cool prize we are giving away on that date
2. Log into Kickstarter or go to this link:
3. Sign up to donate your specified amount on the kickstarter link. Any dollar amount starting at $5 qualifies each day.
4. If you don’t hear from us in a couple of days wait for our post the next week with the winners (first names only) for each day the previous week

5. Once the book is funded, the money from the sales will go directly back to our school programs pre-k-12th grade.

Many of these are great holiday gifts and we plan on getting them to you straight away in case that is the intention. Feel free to donate at any amount as many times as you like. We really want to make sure these extremely kind and generous gifts are put to good use as all these business owners are truly amazing and really believe in what we are doing.

Please post this to your social media and forward to anyone you feel may benefit from one of these items and wants to spare $5 for a great cause and our quest for world kindness domination!

Feel free to comment or email with any questions!

Remember #kindisthenewcool and we hope you help us get the message out to all the kiddos out there.

Click here to go directly to the Dylan & Delany Kickstarter page to learn more about the project and its’ history.

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