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Cyber Monday Kids Items $5 (not raffled) & Our BIGGEST Giveaways This Week

  This photo above is my worst nightmare. It gives me anxiety just looking at it. I am not a big shopper anyway so Black Friday just looks like an awful way to spend my day after stuffing my face nice and cozy in my house on Thanksgiving. But CYBER MONDAY….well that is a different story. Shopping from my home – alone- is more my pace. So we had to do some Cyber Monday offerings in the name of charity Monday, December 1st. FIRST, we have items for those who donate at the $5 mark all day today. For these […]

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What is the #1 Way to Sustain Happiness? It’s Probably Not What You Think.

Did you know that research has proven that the single most influential factor to sustained happiness is acts of kindness and service to another? To do something greater than yourself, reach out to another human being or engage in a cause that you feel is worthwhile. Studies have shown time and time again that social status, wealth, culture, religion, material items……none of these can sustain happiness in life alone. But with consistent acts of charity, philanthropy or kindness a life of happiness is possible. We noticed our blog post did not email out this past week. In case you missed […]

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Summer of Kindness Challenge #5: Art Mixed with Kindness & Love

Good morning ISP’ers! We received several emails about the finger painted artwork in our “How Loss Became My Best Teacher of Life” post so we decided to use this kindness idea for our summer kids kindness challenge week 5. These are Downey family masterpieces. My children have made these for people for various birthdays, special occasions, and as random acts of kindness for others feeling down. And let me tell you, they take their art pieces quite seriously – after all, they may be worth something someday. They are quite simple to make and as the girls say, they are […]

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The Best Graduation Present Ever Given

    It’s that time of year again. High school and college graduations everywhere you turn. Parties, congratulations, celebrations, family, friends, happiness and hope for amazing futures. Most teens graduating from high school or college will tell you the best gift you can give them is money (as we all know going into or coming out of college, clearly hard cash is a rare commodity). Of course no one denies cash is king, however I want to share the gift idea that is still 16 years later my most prized possession. My Grandmother, a sassy smoker who could take on […]

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It’s that time of year again!

  It’s time to show our beloved teachers how much we appreciate them for taking such good care of our little munchkins all year (and let’s be honest also thank them for those few extra hours to ourselves Monday-Friday). Living in SoCal we decided to do something a little different and send them off for summer with some R & R in mind. The twinsies gave their amazing preschool teachers this little bundle of summer love to start off summer properly. Because we all know these teachers deserve some down time for a couple of months until September rolls around […]

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