Summer of Kindness Challenge #5: Art Mixed with Kindness & Love

Good morning ISP’ers! We received several emails about the finger painted artwork in our “How Loss Became My Best Teacher of Life” post so we decided to use this kindness idea for our summer kids kindness challenge week 5.

These are Downey family masterpieces. My children have made these for people for various birthdays, special occasions, and as random acts of kindness for others feeling down. And let me tell you, they take their art pieces quite seriously – after all, they may be worth something someday. They are quite simple to make and as the girls say, they are “Super really fun to do, Mommy”.

Step 1: Purchase canvas size of choice (at Michael’s they ranged from $10-$35 depending on desired size).

Step 2: Purchase painters tape in preferred width and finger paints in colors of choice. For best result, use no more than 5 colors on one piece.

ISP paint and canvas

shown, canvas, finger paint colors the kids chose, & painters tape


Step 3: Cut painters tape into strips to spell out lettering onto canvas. Painters tape works the best as if you need to lift and replace for positioning it won’t damage the canvas.

ISP tape

Select canvas based on numbers of letters being used and double up tape for wider width if preferred


Step 4: Have at it. Let the kids paint all across the canvas. Make sure they don’t blend too much to keep the color dimension to the work of art. Ensure they cover all white space on top as well as the edges/sides of the canvas.

ISP paint drying

do several colors at one time, however do not blend completely. Just cover all of canvas and tape with paint


Step 5: Leave out to dry for several hours.

ISP post paint drying largeStep 6: Once paint is completely dry remove painters tape

Step 7: Have the kids place  their signature on the bottom right corner inconspicuously. Because clearly, once they are famous this will help pay for our lifestyle in retirement. 🙂

ISP pic final

The proud finished product the girls made for my office


These have always been our family’s favorite gifts. Just about everyone has their own limited edition. If you decide to make one of your own, drop us a note and a pic on our social media site and let us know who was the lucky recipient of this new modern version of artistry.

Have a great week everyone!


LOVE pic Neil