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Gift that Keeps on Giving for Mother’s Day

Hail to the Moms everywhere. If you are one you KNOW you deserve this day. In fact you would argue in the court of logic that you deserve an all-paid vacation to an exotic resort in Tahiti for 2 weeks with cocktails served to you while you enjoy an 8 hour massage from a guy named “Thad”. Don’t pretend you didn’t just daydream about that just now. If you have a Mom but are not a Mom yourself you probably have grown to appreciate her more and more the older you get now that you can see the fruits of […]

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Leave Toys at Your Local Park

Your local or favorite park may be your kids’ (and your) second home, why not make the next trip to the park an extra special one with the Infinite Smile Project wands and play buckets filled with goodies to share with other kids. You will bring smiles with bucket of joy which you can find affordable and sometimes bulk items and toys from the dollar, discount store, Target’s dollar section, Party City or online retailer like Oriental Trading. Here are some things you can place into a bucket with the wand and stick into the sand, grass, or by the […]

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Donating or Volunteering at your Local Animal Shelter// An Infinite Smile Project Idea

Animal shelters all over the country tend to stay at full capacity. Most are running on a limited budget, and rely heavily on donations. With one visit to a shelter you can’t help but want to help. Some things shelters need are obvious, some are not. Helping may not be as hard as you think, and here are a few things you can donate to shelters: 1) Towels// We all wear out our towels. Some get fringe-y at the ends or dingy and discolored with holes in them. Guess what? The animals don’t care! Often, animals are brought in wet […]

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