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What Does the Infinite Smile Project Charity Do?|In a Difficult World, We Teach & Spread Kindness. Here’s How

Labor Day. Our treasured American holiday that celebrates the American Labor Movement and pays tribute to the workers who have made this country strong, prosperous, and proud to be who we are today. Oh right, and the other minor detail – we get the day off. We love our country and all that it stands for, but like anything else we could use a little bit of work, no? While all our followers are at the beach today we are fast at work at ISP today getting ready for the big September launch of our charity. Today is the perfect […]

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On Air with Tony Sweet Radio Show, Hollywood

A few weeks back the creator and founder of the Infinite Smile Project (formerly Project Smile) got to sit down with Tony Sweet on his radio show, ‘On Air with Tony Sweet’, to talk about how the initiative came to fruition and her hopes for the future of this community endeavor. Listen, comment, and share!

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What’s Happening Hot Stuff?

As quoted from my favorite movie of all time, Sixteen Candles, “What’s happening hot stuff?” (see below) and thanks for dropping by to see what The Infinite Smile Project is all about. So, who are we you ask? We like to think of ourselves as a social experiment that could quite possibly change the world. If you look up the definition of infinite it will simply state something that is “unbounded or unlimited; boundless; endless”. Our common goal is to see what happens when people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and interests start reaching out to one another with one […]

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Donating or Volunteering at your Local Animal Shelter// An Infinite Smile Project Idea

Animal shelters all over the country tend to stay at full capacity. Most are running on a limited budget, and rely heavily on donations. With one visit to a shelter you can’t help but want to help. Some things shelters need are obvious, some are not. Helping may not be as hard as you think, and here are a few things you can donate to shelters: 1) Towels// We all wear out our towels. Some get fringe-y at the ends or dingy and discolored with holes in them. Guess what? The animals don’t care! Often, animals are brought in wet […]

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The Birth of the Infinite Smile Project

It is difficult to decide how to spend a winter birthday when one lives in a year-round sunny wonderland and able to play at the beach practically every day, while others are buried in 10 feet of snow; the celebration opportunities are endless in Orange County. There’s not a single material thing that I need, however, there is one innate want I have always wanted my children to posses ; to have children that were kind. The sort of children that find more joy in giving and caring for others than they do receiving things for themselves. As my three […]

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