What Does the Infinite Smile Project Charity Do?|In a Difficult World, We Teach & Spread Kindness. Here’s How

Labor day 1

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Labor Day. Our treasured American holiday that celebrates the American Labor Movement and pays tribute to the workers who have made this country strong, prosperous, and proud to be who we are today. Oh right, and the other minor detail – we get the day off. We love our country and all that it stands for, but like anything else we could use a little bit of work, no? While all our followers are at the beach today we are fast at work at ISP today getting ready for the big September launch of our charity. Today is the perfect day to explain who we are, what we do, and what fuels our passion behind it.


The Infinite Smile Project non-profit logo

The Infinite Smile Project was the charity that almost created itself. It’s birth was rooted in my personal experience of triumph, relief and happiness after my young daughters’ open heart surgery and a strong desire to repay those that gave us strength and love during a time of hardship and sadness. What started out as a fun way to teach my then 3 year olds how to pay forward kindness to understand the profound change that can occur in people when kindness touches them turned into a public outcry for more. So who are we to deny people what they want?

wands upclose

our ISP wands that are given with each gift/act of kindness we do with our volunteers and sponsors. Photo by Michele Sparks Photography.

In a nutshell, the Infinite Smile Project is a multi-faceted program designed to bring happiness, joy and a more fulfilling life through acts of kindness and a philanthropic spirit. It is our belief that with the consistent presence of kindness and charity in both children and adults we can create a more cohesive community and change our world for the better. It’s our goal for the world to see how small adventures in charity and kindness can turn into life-changing experiences and shape who we are for the better.

ginger mission project

One of ISP Child Ambassadors during our “Secret Service Agent Kindness Day” in May 2014. Kids and parents showered the community in acts of kindness. We interviewed both kids and parents afterwards for their inspiring reactions.

drive-thru mission

“Mission: Drive-thru” one of the recipients of kindness that day. The whole crew at this restaurant was shocked when we ordered one small drink and sprinkled them with flowers and wands with kindness quotes. They bombarded the window in pure excitement.

So, how do we plan to do this? Each month we will have a variety of things to engage both kids and adults. From large-scale projects such as assistance to Wounded Warriors to individual charity kindness events & fundraisers at elementary schools – each year we will hold large campaigns for causes that may be overlooked but still need our support through kindness and love. Each month ISP will announce their month-long campaign for people and organizations that need a little boost. This month during the official launch of the Infinite Smile Project our campaign is backpack donations for either children who lack the funds for basic school supplies as well as backpacks we are stuffing for the homeless with some essentials we all take for granted. ISP gathers the donations of goods and funds, completes these tasks with our volunteers and deliver these items with our smile wands to scatter the kindness. For kid-appropriate tasks (like the kids backpack delivery) we always involve our child Kindness Ambassadors so they can feel all the yummy, happy goodness one feels once they see the recipients’ reactions. It is this response from others that we know changes our children’s perception of the world and will transform them into better, more responsible and compassionate adults.

infinite smile with Richard Simmons

Even celebrities are joining in the fun. Founder, Kim Downey, with Richard Simmons after his fitness class and meeting with Kim.

phillip palmer

News anchor, Phillip Palmer, getting in the spirit tweeting to ISP about his gift of kindness. photo credit Phillip Palmer twitter page.


The kindness spread all the way to NYC in July. Alexis with the Rockettes before their performance. Photo credit Alexis Waggoner.

christina salvo

The beautiful Los Angeles ABC news anchor, Christina Salvo, showed her love for the kindness wand and what it represents.

In addition to this we also will have monthly challenges for our parents to spearhead for their children’s classrooms, scout troops and athletic teams to add charity and a giving spirit to everything they do. Lastly, on our website we will host a variety of resources for parents and all adults who want to scatter kindness. Included in these resources are themed printable graphics with kindness ideas to spread in your community, a page dedicated to organizations across the country where both kids and adults can give back, local meet-ups for current kindness projects, ideas and guides for our Kindness Ambassadors, and even a blog with stories of kindness and ideas on how we can intertwine gratitude and compassion into today’s trending topics. Basically, we are one-stop shop for people who want to see the world change – for the better. Because if even just one person in every school, every organization, or every community jumped on board, the rest would follow. They just have to experience one day of kindness and would see there is no reason to live life any other way.

cadillac collage

Kindness wands making it around the country. This one was sent in by an ISPer that took a road trip across the U.S. and stopped off at Cadillac Ranch. Her kindness wand gave a can of paint for some kids that didn’t have any money to spray the cars themselves.

NYC collage jpg

Wands sent in by ISPers visiting NYC and spreading the kindness in the big apple.

Join us this month as we officially launch the Infinite Smile Project. Help spread the kindness challenge in your community. Send us organizations you want to see listed for others to get involved. Have your child submit their kindness character for our contest starting September 22nd and get them to think how kindness would look in their perfect friend (top 25 are voted on by the public and winner receives $1000 towards college fund or to the charity of their choice). During our launch like our page and see the over 25 companies that have donated fun products and services for us to raffle off to all of you. Why? Just because they are kind, want the world to see their kindness, and want ISP to flourish and spread the good.

contest flyer

Our contest flyer popping up nationwide around schools and in stores for our kids kindness contest. Starts in 3 weeks

If you are not currently connected to ISP and are reading this blog for the first time here is your challenge: give us one month. One month to follow us on social media, read the blog, see the fun we incorporate into being kind, and the changes we have witnessed in those we have touched – and we promise, you too will be a fan.


photo booth backdrop for an ISP birthday party where kids donated the presents to the local children’s hospital and make care packages for sick kids.

 Join the crusade.


our most popular instagram photo: “Revolution”. photo credit pinterest.com