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It’s True, The Wife Can Drop the Ball On Anniversaries Just As Flawlessly

Amidst all this fundraising not only have I almost forgotten Thanksgiving is in 3 days, but until about 5:00pm Tuesday I realized that today, November 25th, is my 8 year anniversary to Brandon. I have blown it – officially. And…. I need a nap – desperately. This fundraising business is exhausting when you are running a business, twin 4 year olds, and missing a husband who seems to be traveling a lot these past two months. Apparently I think I am still in college and a concoction of Mt. Dew and Red Bull is all I need to pull off miracles. […]

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Monday Coffee Read: Things No One Tells You When You Move From Southern California

I saw this post floating around Facebook from blogger, Michael Peckerar, of, “20 Things No One Tells You About When Moving Out of California”. Michael moved from outside of Los Angeles to North Carolina to go to college. Clearly this resonated with me so I had to bite and read it. I couldn’t help but laugh because he is 100% accurate. Now, mind you I left OC to go to school in the mountains of North Carolina in 1993 but it looks like some things just don’t change. So this blog post is dedicated to my friends and ISP […]

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When Was the Last Time You Were Someone’s Hero? It May Be More Recently Than You Think

Hero [heer-oh] noun: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. The world needs more heroes. In a world where people like the Kardashians grace the cover of at least two magazines a week exploiting themselves over and over, we start to become jaded to what real heroes are and the traits that make them noteworthy and treasured. What we do forget is that the decision to act heroically is a choice. That is correct, anyone can be a hero and it is a matter of choice in how you decide to live […]

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What We Can Learn From Robin Williams’ Death

  This is my longest post I have done. If you read anything read the last paragraph that is bolded. However if you have some time please read. It may be information that might be useful for someone you know in the future. Thanks~  Kim I think this week made a lot of people think. I tend to not care too much about the struggles celebrities say they have. You know what I mean, “I was teased for my weight” or “My parents didn’t love me” – these sorts of headlines that I feel are contrived for the sole purpose […]

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How Loss Became My Best Teacher of Life

I love that ISP is a creative outlet for me to do so many things – exploring and sharing places I love, celebrating amazing people that inspire me, creative kindness projects I get to experiment on my kids and share with the world, and talking about what cultivates happiness and why kindness in this day and age is king. However life is not always champagne and roses, right? There is something to be said about exposing oneself and sharing personal stories when the time feels natural. For me this is that time so I hope you will indulge me by […]

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