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Kindness Ambassadors ages 3-18 Wanted to Send Items to Our Troops!

  Looking for an EASY way for your kids to give back AND support charity? ISP is partnering with GenerationON and HASBRO for their Joy Maker Challenge 2014 to help bring $1 million in toys to  the 22% of children living below the poverty line. All you and your kids have to do is send a card or a box to our troops away from home this holiday. Here’s how it works: 1. You email us at and tell us the name of your child and an email address (we won’t be adding you to any lists after unless […]

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Wanna get “dirty”? At the Mud Run that is…….

  What better way to spend a Sunday morning than swimming in mud with a very fit Marines leaning over your mud pit shouting into a loud speaker, “Are you serious? Swim FASTER!” or “That’s right get your face IN THAT MUD as you do those push-ups PRINNNCCEESSSS”? Yes please, may I have another? You sure may. And obstacle courses, and lunges across the dirt midway through the run, and through muddy trenches on your hands and knees across the length of a football field. Oh right, and don’t forget once your shoes and socks are weighted down with wet […]

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