Kindness Ambassadors ages 3-18 Wanted to Send Items to Our Troops!


Kindness Ambassadors Wanted 1

Looking for an EASY way for your kids to give back AND support charity? ISP is partnering with GenerationON and HASBRO for their Joy Maker Challenge 2014 to help bring $1 million in toys to  the 22% of children living below the poverty line. All you and your kids have to do is send a card or a box to our troops away from home this holiday.

Here’s how it works:

1. You email us at and tell us the name of your child and an email address (we won’t be adding you to any lists after unless you’ve asked us to).

2. We send you the directions given to us by GenerationON (what to buy or make, where to send, etc.), as well as reflection questions for your kids so that they understand the impact they are making in the world with their efforts.

3. Once you complete your task email us a photo and a short note about your experience or child’s thoughts.

4. ISP will compile all the info and send off to GenerationON and Hasbro to show what how amazing our Kindness Ambassadors are and what they are doing!

5. For each card or box that is sent in our team, HASBRO will give a child a toy!

We were given 3 areas to give back to this holiday season. The Infinite Smile Project works with our Wounded Warriors so we chose to support our Military and Veterans.

Sending Items to a Marine on

Our first kindness shipment to Afghanistan we sent in January 2014.

 Below are the objectives for this project set for each age group

  • pre-k to 2nd grade: making cards for our deployed men and women for the holidays
  • 3rd-5th graders: Small stocking with basic items (list of ideas to be provided) for military
  • 6th to 12th grade: Box of seasonal goods for them to feel closer to home (cocoa, candy canes, holiday decorations, etc.)

Why we love this program for kids to give back

GenerationON is an organization out of NYC that engages millions of adolescent volunteers every year. Each age bracket has a packet of info for us to use that provides resources that are age appropriate to help our kids understand WHO we are giving our time to and WHY this service project is important. This is what ISP values as well – not only just doing the service act, but providing a process and objectives to “make it real”. We will even provide you with ideas for reading material or you tube videos that explain why our military works so hard to fight for our freedom and what it provides to us in ways each age bracket can understand.

Please join our team! It’s free, fun, and a great way to empower our kids to understand on a deeper level what it means to give back. Deadline to join our team is Saturday, 11/29. Email us and we will send you off your easy instructions.

Looking forward to working on our first 40 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS campaign service project together! For more information on the Joy Maker Challenge click here