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It’s True, The Wife Can Drop the Ball On Anniversaries Just As Flawlessly

Amidst all this fundraising not only have I almost forgotten Thanksgiving is in 3 days, but until about 5:00pm Tuesday I realized that today, November 25th, is my 8 year anniversary to Brandon. I have blown it – officially. And…. I need a nap – desperately. This fundraising business is exhausting when you are running a business, twin 4 year olds, and missing a husband who seems to be traveling a lot these past two months. Apparently I think I am still in college and a concoction of Mt. Dew and Red Bull is all I need to pull off miracles. […]

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Kids On Marriage & Relationships

Having daughters I decided a long time ago that I wanted to do a photo shoot of them in my wedding dress as little girls for their wedding day someday. It was like the ultimate dress-up party and I honestly had never seen them so happy. It was probably my most favorite thing I have done with them and it was such a fun day.   The same day I got the photos in the mail a friend of mine posted this from It was so funny even if that wasn’t the sweet image I had in my mind […]

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