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OC Magazine on ISP and a Sneak Peak of What’s Coming Up (shhhhh….)

  September is super exciting for the Infinite Smile Project. We are doing our official launch as a non-profit on September 22nd complete with a kids kindness contest, corporate and local business sponsors, kids events and the preview and fundraiser for our new children’s book, “Dylan & Delany’s World of Kindness”. Some of the initial sketches of Delany Dog. We will debut Dylan Dog later this week.     The first image done to introduce Delany Dog.   The turtle is for sure the team fave. He is the pups’ “pet” complete with a leash and bed. Currently my social media […]

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What is Bari and Why Am I So Obsessed?

We LOVE Bari! We had so much fun there last summer trying out their amazing workout from NYC we asked if they would be part of our big Kickstarter fundraiser bringing kindness to life for our youngest philanthropists. They are so amazing they said YES! A 3 class package is up for grabs Tuesday, 11/17, ($90 value) for any size donation to our fundraising project! See what we thought below! CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND ENTER TO WIN THIS AWESOME GIVEAWAY! Here is our blog post from last summer so you can learn a little about Bari! As I have […]

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A Beautiful Girl & Her Courageous Gift for All Kids to Enjoy

The following article is one close to my heart as I went to high school with this incredible woman. This story demonstrates the power and potential kindness has when communities band together. I could not be more proud to be associated with some of the amazing people I went to school with that helped Maddie achieve her dream. Please read this story about her courageous journey to memorialize her beautiful daughter Have you ever been to a great museum, landmark, college building or any other beautiful place that has someone’s name attached and you wonder how the amazing place came […]

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It’s summer so here’s a great twist on a workout OC style: Aerial Fitness

  Am I the only one that has gone to every Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas and thought, “Dang those girls hanging from the fabric and flying across the room are fit”? Didn’t think so. And after only 1.5 hours of working on silks at Aerial Fitness Orange County I now know why. As I mentioned before one of my pastimes is trying any new or different fitness trends or activity. Aerial fitness is one that has been on my radar since it surfaced for non-performers to try as a workout and it was definitely worth the wait. Good […]

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