OC Magazine on ISP and a Sneak Peak of What’s Coming Up (shhhhh….)


September is super exciting for the Infinite Smile Project. We are doing our official launch as a non-profit on September 22nd complete with a kids kindness contest, corporate and local business sponsors, kids events and the preview and fundraiser for our new children’s book, “Dylan & Delany’s World of Kindness”.

Some of the initial sketches of Delany Dog. We will debut Dylan Dog later this week.



Delany dog castle
The first image done to introduce Delany Dog.


The turtle is for sure the team fave. He is the pups’ “pet” complete with a leash and bed. Currently my social media friends are having fun naming him. Any suggestions?


What’s even more exciting to me is that the press we are getting doesn’t even know about all of this and the ones that have called we didn’t even approach. They somehow heard of us and through word of mouth or social media. It’s been so fun and we have received some fun accolades.

several copies of the issue with our two-page article sent to me by OC Magazine. Just arrived today!



The latest and greatest is the September issue of OC Family magazine that is widely read by Orange County parents and families. The beautiful Suzanne Broughton from OC Register asked if they could re-run the half-page piece they asked me to write in July. Every time it’s just as exciting to pick up one of the articles or hear a radio show and hear about ISP.


This week is incredibly busy for me preparing for the launch. Patents are filed, copyrights done, lawyers happy (really, it’s possible), items sent to us to give away and products in the works. This week is a throwback to college all-nighters I predict. It’s fine, at least I can afford designer coffee now.

The entire marketing and development team is working all hours wrapping up graphics and products like these. We have some great products we are excited about….stay tuned.


Keep your eyes out for our radio interview on Friday, September 19th, as well as a few other articles and editorials on what we do and how we do it in the next few weeks.


We are also releasing little sneak peaks of the book characters and some of the drawings that are in the works currently on social media and my personal Facebook page. I thought I would give you a peek as well in case you are not part of Facebook or Instagram. If you are and haven’t liked either or both of our social media pages – please do! Starting in a week we have thousands of dollars of amazing products, services and gift cards from “kind” companies to give away all during the campaign. Like the pages and spread the word as just about anyone can win and we are doing approximately one gift between $50-$300 every other day!


In the meantime, pick up your OC Family Magazine or go here to read online! Until next time……