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What Does the Infinite Smile Project Charity Do?|In a Difficult World, We Teach & Spread Kindness. Here’s How

Labor Day. Our treasured American holiday that celebrates the American Labor Movement and pays tribute to the workers who have made this country strong, prosperous, and proud to be who we are today. Oh right, and the other minor detail – we get the day off. We love our country and all that it stands for, but like anything else we could use a little bit of work, no? While all our followers are at the beach today we are fast at work at ISP today getting ready for the big September launch of our charity. Today is the perfect […]

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A Beautiful Girl & Her Courageous Gift for All Kids to Enjoy

The following article is one close to my heart as I went to high school with this incredible woman. This story demonstrates the power and potential kindness has when communities band together. I could not be more proud to be associated with some of the amazing people I went to school with that helped Maddie achieve her dream. Please read this story about her courageous journey to memorialize her beautiful daughter Have you ever been to a great museum, landmark, college building or any other beautiful place that has someone’s name attached and you wonder how the amazing place came […]

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Summer of Kindness: Kid Crusader Edition #1

Welcome to ISP’s Summer of Kindness! Our goal is to work with our kids and other adults collaboratively to make our community better and focus on things that are bigger than ourselves. Our goal is to work together with our kids to make kind acts and a philanthropic spirit an epidemic. Each Monday this summer we will post an Act of Kindness for kids or for kids and adults combined. Throughout the week posts will also be made highlighting amazing charities, philanthropic kids and adults, and fun stuff that might put a smile on your face. The overall goal is […]

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