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Summer of Kindness #6|Secret Messages of Kindness

In CA we are still have several weeks of summer left and are getting creative on how to keep the kids busy in a positive way. Everyone likes getting secret messages, right? For me, it’s reminiscent of Jr. High when you could send your friends a “candy gram” in class – nothing was more amazing and made your day even brighter by knowing someone was thinking of you. I did our secret messages with a group of preschoolers but even teens could make this one fun with their friends over the summer or once school starts. I know I would […]

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Summer of Kindness: Kid Crusader Edition #1

Welcome to ISP’s Summer of Kindness! Our goal is to work with our kids and other adults collaboratively to make our community better and focus on things that are bigger than ourselves. Our goal is to work together with our kids to make kind acts and a philanthropic spirit an epidemic. Each Monday this summer we will post an Act of Kindness for kids or for kids and adults combined. Throughout the week posts will also be made highlighting amazing charities, philanthropic kids and adults, and fun stuff that might put a smile on your face. The overall goal is […]

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