Summer of Kindness #6|Secret Messages of Kindness

In CA we are still have several weeks of summer left and are getting creative on how to keep the kids busy in a positive way. Everyone likes getting secret messages, right? For me, it’s reminiscent of Jr. High when you could send your friends a “candy gram” in class – nothing was more amazing and made your day even brighter by knowing someone was thinking of you. I did our secret messages with a group of preschoolers but even teens could make this one fun with their friends over the summer or once school starts. I know I would have loved these with my cheer team or left in a locker to brighten a friends day.

There are many ways you can leave these secret messages. We (of course) did some star messages. You need three things:

1. paper (preferably card stock or something a bit thicker

2. A white crayon

3. Watercolor sets either to give with the secret message or instructions to the recipient that they must add watercolor to view the message

This summer has been a whirlwind with family in town, my business, travel, you name it. The kids are ready to see some of their friends again so this is how we invited them to a play date.

secret message 2

The simple supplies needed for this fun surprise

We cut some paper into our famous star wands, a crayon and our favorite glitter watercolors “on loan” for some friends to decode the message. And I say “on loan” because have you ever had two 4 year old females gang up on you for giving away one of their favorite possessions? I don’t recommend that sort of drama to anyone.

secret message 3

Who wouldn’t want to come home to these on their doorstep? Problem is I wish it was for me, not the kids!

For others we left the wands and a watercolor set on their doorstep a few days prior to the play date.

secret message 1

We also made regular stars as well on star sticky notes and left them all over their doors as well to decode along with the wands. Above are some of the examples they brought to the play date once colored and decoded.


secret message5

star wand scratchers we found at the craft store. Scratchers can be found at stores like Michaels and

One of the activities at the play date was to do some scratch art to spread some fun messages to other kids and friends by either leaving in inconspicuous places in the park or beach or to some other friends.


secret message 4

Above is the final result. The kids loved spreading messages of kindness and fun and a good time was had by all. I am sure the ice-cream we gave them didn’t hurt either.

Savor each moment and enjoy your children this week!