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Radio Interview #3: Why We Need to Teach Our Kids Kindness & Compassion at Age 3

We have been so fortunate to have so much support in the beginning stages of the Infinite Smile Project. We are edging up to our launch date of September 22nd and have been lucky enough to be interviewed several times in the last couple of weeks. The following is my interview from Tuesday that discusses the reasons behind ISP, what is going to happen during our launch (can we say prizes and giveaways?), and what is in store for the future. For me, the most valuable part was discussing why I feel starting at age 3 teaching our kids […]

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11:00pm Co-Host Tomorrow?

So what do you do when you get a text at 11:00pm the day before to co-host a radio show in Hollywood? You cancel all your work the next day, get Daddy to take the kids to dinner and a movie and you get on the 5 freeway. For 2 hours. Or 3, because it is Friday Los Angeles traffic after all and we all know that means. Clearly it means you will sit in a parking lot of traffic for approximately half your day.   But was it worth it? Always. Tony Sweet & Eddie Conner, you make me […]

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