11:00pm Co-Host Tomorrow?

So what do you do when you get a text at 11:00pm the day before to co-host a radio show in Hollywood? You cancel all your work the next day, get Daddy to take the kids to dinner and a movie and you get on the 5 freeway. For 2 hours. Or 3, because it is Friday Los Angeles traffic after all and we all know that means. Clearly it means you will sit in a parking lot of traffic for approximately half your day.


photo from ecodrivingsolutions.com


But was it worth it? Always. Tony Sweet & Eddie Conner, you make me laugh so hard. Thank you for the invitation to co-host the Friday show. Dinner afterwards is on me next time.

tony sweet 1

Eddie Conner, me, singer Alexa Ferr, Tony Sweet in the studio at Gower Studios, Hollywood

Although there was technical difficulties for the first half which I am unsure is PG enough to allow on the radio with these two anyway, the audio will be up soon. Once our media extraordinaire, Amanda, is back from abroad (I miss you so much Amanda, we are lost without you!) we will have the radio clip up and ready in the press section talking about what’s next for ISP.

tony sweet 2

In the meantime, grab an OC Register paper on Tuesday for our article on ISP!


P.S. Tony & Eddie, here is what you missed out on. Some authentic Sprinkles. Boo. 🙁

tony sweet 3