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11:00pm Co-Host Tomorrow?

So what do you do when you get a text at 11:00pm the day before to co-host a radio show in Hollywood? You cancel all your work the next day, get Daddy to take the kids to dinner and a movie and you get on the 5 freeway. For 2 hours. Or 3, because it is Friday Los Angeles traffic after all and we all know that means. Clearly it means you will sit in a parking lot of traffic for approximately half your day.   But was it worth it? Always. Tony Sweet & Eddie Conner, you make me […]

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On Air with Tony Sweet Radio Show, Hollywood

A few weeks back the creator and founder of the Infinite Smile Project (formerly Project Smile) got to sit down with Tony Sweet on his radio show, ‘On Air with Tony Sweet’, to talk about how the initiative came to fruition and her hopes for the future of this community endeavor. Listen, comment, and share!

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