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We May Not Be Able to Change the World Right Now, But We Can Do Our Best to Change Our Children

I am not one to watch the news as much as I used to. I always want to be up to date on the world events, politics and be able to carry on an intelligent conversation when required – however I can only take so much. I am one of those people that can’t just watch the devastation unfold on CNN and then go about my normal daily routine. I get sucked in and somehow physically can place myself in someone’s strife and heartache (ie. families of the Malaysian crashes or situations with ISIS), my empathy has no boundaries. Over […]

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Summer of Kindness #6|Secret Messages of Kindness

In CA we are still have several weeks of summer left and are getting creative on how to keep the kids busy in a positive way. Everyone likes getting secret messages, right? For me, it’s reminiscent of Jr. High when you could send your friends a “candy gram” in class – nothing was more amazing and made your day even brighter by knowing someone was thinking of you. I did our secret messages with a group of preschoolers but even teens could make this one fun with their friends over the summer or once school starts. I know I would […]

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Annonymous wands of kindness

Kindness doesn’t always have to be done face to face. One amazing woman shared her story with us about who she gave her first wand to and what she did with it. “This is my friend. He lives down the street from me and has lived here near the beach for a while. I don’t know his name nor do I know his story that lead him to this life. Many times I will drop off things he will need but I always do it when he is asleep. I knew he needed a new sleeping bag to keep him […]

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Gift that Keeps on Giving for Mother’s Day

Hail to the Moms everywhere. If you are one you KNOW you deserve this day. In fact you would argue in the court of logic that you deserve an all-paid vacation to an exotic resort in Tahiti for 2 weeks with cocktails served to you while you enjoy an 8 hour massage from a guy named “Thad”. Don’t pretend you didn’t just daydream about that just now. If you have a Mom but are not a Mom yourself you probably have grown to appreciate her more and more the older you get now that you can see the fruits of […]

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