4 Questions a Dad Asked That Changed An Entire School – A True Story

4 Questions a Dad Asked That Changed An Entire School – A True Story

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I get sent all sorts of stories and emails these days about children, kindness, bullying, or average people doing amazing things. A friend of mine posted this one on social media and it struck a chord with me.

In many instances we, as adults, stand by and ignore things we hear kids saying and doing with the thought, “It’s not my child, not my issue to address” or “kids will be kids and it’s no big deal”. Kids will be kids but adults need to be adults and guide these children and young adults in the right direction if we feel they are veering off-track and lacking compassion for those either not as fortunate as them or different than them. We are their role models and many times it takes bravery and not trying to “be their best friend” to make a difference in what sort of adult they become. Leading by example and halting behavior we see as insensitive and destructive to others’ self worth.

I love this story for many reasons. One, it was the Dad that took a stand for someone other than his own kid to show his son the error in his ways. Two, because not only did he address his son, but the entire football team, and three, because of the profound change it made in not only this girl’s life, but an entire school.

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Please read this true story of what can happen when an adult, role model, or friend stands up for what is right and how it can shift how an entire school views everything.

4 Questions That Brought an Entire School to Its’ Knees

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