Kids Holiday Kindness Activity, New Products, & Giveaway Updates!

Kids Holiday Kindness Activity, New Products, & Giveaway Updates!


14.11.07 children

Please take a moment to read this post this Friday afternoon. We want to thank everyone for all their help getting our fundraiser off the ground and spreading the word. But we need your help. We are not even 50% funded to get this book printed and have 18 days left. We know it is a lot to ask for donations at a time of year when everyone is asking for something. We have had amazing people step forward to help do what they can and one of this was an author of these three books:

book collage

He has done years of fundraising taking kids to Mexico to build orphanages, was touched by one of my speeches and gave me as many of these books needed to raise money for the Infinite Smile Project. He gave me a sample, I read them to the twins, and they were a hit. Incredibly cute books all with morals for kids ages 3-8.

We are selling these without markup for $10 each or $25 for all 3 to raise the money needed. If you need a stocking stuffer, a gift for a child that has great depth and meaning please consider purchasing one. 100% of profits goes to building our ISP Kindness Programs and I will mail out orders the following day to ensure holiday arrival. You can read about them and purchase for delivery here.

Kindness Ambassadors Wanted 1

For those that don’t understand why we are doing the Kickstarter it is because the book we are hoping to publish will be used for our youngest philanthropists to start our Kindness Ambassador Program for kids. A method to start teaching ages 3-8 how to get started in a life of philanthropy and empowering them to take action. It’s a lead into the program, not just a book.

Just today while at a Mom’s Church function as a Pastor came to talk to Moms fresh off of his stay in Ferguson, MO, I received a text from a good friend that sent me a link to a story in her school district followed by, “We need your program up here, Kim”. This was the story (click here).

This should not happen. When I see these stories (which is far too often) I not only think about the child at hand, the family it affects, but also the kids connected to him/her in school, clubs, etc. It affects everyone. I don’t ever remember having to deal with issues this grandiose in high school, junior high, and now even elementary school.

The Kindness Ambassador Program we are looking to launch in 2015 with the profits from these books and our kickstarter book will enable kids as young as age 3 to learn to band together with their peers on and off campus to not only live a life of service, but to connect on issues as such in a way only they can. Adults can only help so much but when this happens to preteens and teens it will be these kids that will help empower their peers to do things to infuse their campuses with positivity, not segregate.

I don’t care to post negative stories on our blog but I am sent one of these articles from someone almost weekly – true story. Everyone wants to know what can be done to help. Extensive research has shown that teaching kids collectively a life of service and working together consistently towards kind and giving acts that reach outside of their own self-interest increases their levels of happiness, compassion towards others, and creates better adults. The bottom line is – it works.

Please help us get this funded as we have so many schools, organizations and people ready to implement this program in their community. If you know anything about us, you know with the right foundation, we will get the job done.

Now, switching gears to a more positive note we have a little fun for your little ones and this week’s giveaways as well as last week’s winners below!


Better late than never! We are challenging kids and adults to engage in small, simple acts of kindness this month. We want you to get hooked on how it feels to do these small acts each day and carry on into 2015. Believe me, your kids will want to!

We have made two printables for you to download. A list of 25 ideas for small acts of kindness with a huge impact or a document where you can create your own list. Print your blank list today with some ideas your kids come up with this weekend and on Monday come back to our blog for our ideas we will post.


We also have included a printable to leave with your acts of kindness for some extra holiday cheer. All of our printables can always be found here. Please feel free to use anything on this page as you wish.

40 days of giveawats

THANK YOU to all that entered last week and CONGRATS to our winners this past week:

Dr. Helton: Megan

Pure Barre month unlimited: Uyen

Blue Buoy swim lessons: Tiffany

Michele Sparks Photography session: Claire

Thursday & Friday: TBA

And now this week’s raffle items. Again every $5 enters you once (ie. $20=4 entries)

Saturday, 12/6: Paint Nite ($90)

Sunday, 12/7: Isagenix Health Products ($150)

Monday, 12/8: Language lessons at Karis Academy ($100)

Tuesday: C3 Fitness nutrition and training sessions ($350)

Wednesday: Renown Radio Host & Psychic Rebel Colby 1 hour medium/intuitive reading ($175)

Thursday: Portola Coffee $100 gift card

Friday: Date night Smoqued BBQ  $50 gift card and 2 movie tickets

Thanks for all the emails, comments and support! Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!