Amazing Acts of Service!

Amazing Acts of Service!

Showing love and compassion to our neighbors, near and far, is important to how you can help shape the world you live in. We often reflect on the value of living in a community that you are proud of and have helped make a better place. Through acts of kindness, we are able to build up a community to new potential.

This weekend was full of service opportunities!

We hope you were able to enjoy Earth Day outside and give back to the planet that does so much for you! If not, you can choose to live as if every day is Earth Day and check out this month’s challenge for some awesome ideas to help make the world a more sustainable place to live.

This weekend was also the first Compton Initiative event of the year! Some of our ambassadors, their families, and friends participated in the event on Saturday morning!

The event began with a pep rally and a live rap performance to get everyone excited about the impactful work they were doing that morning. Then the volunteers broke into groups and set out to beautify the city of Compton! The ISP group helped paint a mural and some houses! You can see on their faces in the photos below that they were so proud to be there and making a difference in a neighboring community! As a whole, the event completed 11 homes, 4 murals, 1 community garden, 2 parks, and 1 creek; all beautified by amazing volunteers from all across southern California!

It truly is remarkable to watch how a community changes in just a few hours of service. When we spend the time to focus outside of ourselves and the busy lives we lead, we realize there is so much more we are capable of doing! Kindness spreads kindness and we are proud of our volunteers who spread their kindness this weekend!

Volunteer Testimony: “I fully believe in my kids getting their hands dirty, learning compassion & humility through service. I thought they’d complain getting up at 5:45 am and painting for hours but they loved it. Compton Initiative was awesome!” – Kim Esmond

What is so amazing about the Compton Initiative is that they are able to create projects for all ages to participate in! Everyone can have an impact and help this community rise to new potential! If you missed this weekend’s event and would like to participate in the next event, it will take place on Saturday, July 21, 2018. Sign up through the link here!