Every Child Deserves Comfort at Bedtime!

Every Child Deserves Comfort at Bedtime!

Bedtime…the dreaded time of night for some parents and easy as pie for others. If your children are anything like the kids we know, there is a certain routine at bedtime to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Some children require a certain number of books to be read or songs to be sung or listened to, while other children enjoy a good snuggle. Most likely, your child has a comfort object that they cannot go to sleep without…sometimes resulting in frantic searches around the house for said object. Whatever your routine is, there are requirements to ensure bedtime goes as smoothly as possible.

For some children though, having a bed to call their own is a rare occurrence. Homeless youth frequently relocate between shelters, hotels, homes of family and friends, and cars. Having a bed to sleep in at night, let alone comfort objects is not always an option readily available. This month, The Infinite Smile Project is encouraging our ambassadors to do what they can to help homeless youth have comfort objects at bedtime. While we wish we could provide every homeless youth a place to call home and a bed of their own, we can make bedtime feel more stable. Comfort objects provide a sense of security and reading books at night improves literacy and competence in all school subjects. As you put your child to bed tonight, consider the comfort objects that provide them a sense of security while they sleep.

We want to provide every homeless youth with similar comfort objects. Blankets to snuggle with, books to read, and a stuffed animal to hold tightly as they dream. Choose to show your love and kindness toward a homeless youth this month. Every child deserves comfort at bedtime!

What can you do to help homeless youth have a good night’s sleep? Head on over to our September Campaign here and see which organization we’re recognizing this month and how you can do your part.