Friends Who Serve Together, Stay Together!

Fun and paint! A little over a year ago, our Ambassadors helped out Ken Korver, the president of The Compton Initiative Organization, and his image of restoring the City of Compton. Our volunteers woke up bright and early that Saturday morning to help beautify its buildings. 

Painting our assigned building, the local church.

At the arrival site, hundreds of people of all cultures and all ages were brought together and welcomed with free breakfast and music. Loud speakers surrounded the area in hopes of hyping everyone up and prepare them for the work ahead. Before sending the volunteers to their assigned work sites, the President and Vice President gathered everyone together and preached their ideas, their dreams, and their love for everyone who came out that morning, emphasizing how thankful and pleased to see the unexpected crowd.

All ages were welcome! Moms, kids, friends, even Starbucks employees were in our group.

It was exciting to see the kids trade their canvas paint brushes for utility brushes and rollers. From paper to walls on a building, our Ambassadors along with partnering Volunteers revealed their artistic skills, featuring their artwork throughout the Compton communities. 

After painting and repairing, the neighborhood families and friends provided everyone with food and cooling refreshments under the hot sun. The day was a success thanks to the Compton Initiative supervisors aiding the work sites along the way. Their next Beautification Event will be held on Saturday morning October 19, 2019 if you also want to join this amazing organization!