We’re Collecting Homemade Cards for Las Vegas Hospitals

We’re Collecting Homemade Cards for Las Vegas Hospitals

ISP founder Kim will be in Las Vegas next week distributing hand-made cards to the two local hospitals directly caring for victims and first responders of Sunday’s mass shooting. An overwhelming response from the public to donate blood has supplied the two hospitals with what they need of blood donations for now, but medical staff are running on fumes. As the horror of the last 4 days sinks in for the nurses and doctors, we question how they can carry on. A source tells ISP that morale is certainly low for those who watched the 515 victims come through their doors, and advises that recognition is the best way to give much needed emotional support at this time.

How to Help Las Vegas

We’re asking for handmade cards from children (and adults!) thanking the nurses, doctors, first responders, firefighters, and police of Las Vegas for their service. Kim will be delivering, on behalf of the kids of So Cal, healthy snack baskets to nurse stations along with cards, and bringing treats to the fire stations. As many of you know, most of Sunday’s victims were from Orange County, LA, and Riverside, so our thanks to the Las Vegas hospital staff is for their compassion of our own. 

For those of us choosing to explain Sunday’s tragedy to our children, it may be confusing or daunting for kids to know what to write. We’re encouraging a simple statement such as “thank you for what you do” accompanied by a nice drawing or decoration of your choice. For those of us choosing not to alert our young children to Sunday’s events, a random act of kindness greeting such as “thank you for helping us every day” is just as effective of a contribution and doesn’t invite questions from wee ones.

SoCal families: Please send cards no later than Monday. Those outside of SoCal, please post by Saturday to ensure receipt. Cards can be sent to:

The Infinite Smile Project
c/o Kim
13217 Jamboree Road #442
Tustin, CA 92782

Thank you for sharing your support for the often forgotten hospital workers and first responders in the wake of such wide-spread tragedy. Children and their families can make a huge difference by this simple gesture, creating light in this time of such darkness.