Our January/February Challenges and THANKS!

Our January/February Challenges and THANKS!

giving rocks

Thank you to all that came out to help make paint for Donate Life and honoring Melissa’s late brother. A special thanks to Melissa for all her hard work on this event and putting all the pieces together while I have been gone. You are TRULY an amazing person in every aspect and we are so lucky to have met you!

Below are a couple of photos of what our incredible kids did for Donate Life families.

giving rocks 1 giving rocks3Here are our campaigns for this month and challenge. Our Donate Life event has passed but you can paint rocks for any cause or issue you choose this month if you were not able to join us. The kids had a fantastic time! Click here to see this month’s campaign and how to do this on your own.

Our next event is on  Saturday, February 6th, from 2:30-4:00 in Mission Viejo. Click here to see how we are teaming up with Kids Who Care and stuffing socks with goodies for homeless teens in Orange County. This challenge can also be done in other locations in the US or world. Directions, supplies and details for this event are found here. http://www.theinfinitesmile.com/januaryfebruary-2016-challenge/

Our Ambassador Tracker is READY! Stay tuned for another email soon on  how to register and get your own account.

Have a wonderful week ISPers and great job this weekend!