Our Kid Ambassador 2016 CALENDAR. Come help us serve others!

giving rocks3

Hundreds of rocks painted by our Ambassadors in February helping comfort families who have donated life to others.

Our year of service for ISP has officially kicked off and our Ambassadors are already at work! We finally have the following ready to go for you and your kids!


*Our 2016 calendar of events for monthly campaigns, challenges, and community events for Ambassadors

*Our 2016 ISP campaign: Donate your Birthday (separate blog post coming!)

*Our new ISP Ambassador online tracker with archiving for award and leadership applications. $5/family a year

*Our BRAND NEW Ambassador Business cards.

business card

Our new ISP Ambassador business cards for our Warriors of Humanity and Compassion to give out when their missions are accomplished!

Most importantly is our calendar of themes for this year, which category they fall under (leadership, kindness, compassion, etc.) and dates of our community events we can all do together around town. Please take a look, make sure you are on our shutterfly event email list to know what we are up to and see if you can join and then SPREAD THE WORD!

See you all soon!      ~ISP



ISP 2016 Calendar

Below is the calendar for 2016 campaigns, challenges and events. More will be added throughout the year totaling several more outings for our Ambassadors. If you have an event or cause you would like to add please email us at hello@theinfinitesmile.com


    2016 At-A-Glance

March: Easter Bakets for needy (foster children), Interview a relative (leadership)

April: Garden month: Living Farm volunteering (environmental), plants to friends (compassion)

May: Foster care month: Sweet Cases (foster children), birthday in a box

June: Ronald McDonald House: Meals to RMH. Also drive-thru challenge (kindness) and notes to teachers (kindness and caring)

July: Celebrating kindness in the USA: Feeding homeless & letters to Marines, USO

August: Back to School: School items for needy (giving/compassion), working with “Seniors” (elderly)

September: Helping others: Snuggle sacks to foster kids and shelters, Orangewood Foster Home (compassion, kindness, gratitude)

October: Helping animals (compassion)

November: Giving Thanks: Candy donations (giving), Pathways of Hope (feeding hungry), Adopt-A-Marine (gratitude)

December: Giving is Great!: Creative gifting to those in need (gratitude), 25 days of kindness (leadership), and New Years Eve in a Box (compassion, gratitude)


*All community events will be open for anyone to join but to view and participate in the challenges and campaigns for consistent service, reflection questions, and tracking participants must become Ambassadors and have a tracking account. Account is $5/month per family for as many family members as you like. Click here for more information.