Seniors loved our January Campaign!

Seniors loved our January Campaign!

We hope you enjoyed our first campaign of the year! Making and delivering warm and fuzzy cupcake socks to seniors was the perfect way to share some kindness mid-winter!

Angel and Peanut, along with their Girl Scout troop, had an amazing time spending an afternoon with seniors in their community. The day before Valentines Day they went to a senior center and made the cupcake socks, sat with each of the seniors and chatted, and gave the seniors homemade cards. We are so proud of Angel, Peanut and their Girl Scout troop!

Many senior citizens do not have family nearby and love visiting with people, especially children as most of them have grandchildren that they most likely don’t see very often. Children can learn a lot from visiting with seniors and they are generally wonderful people to talk to and ask questions! They have lived through so much and can pass along some great wisdom, even during a short conversation. 

If you didn’t have the opportunity to make fuzzy cupcake socks for seniors near you, we encourage you to do so and get to know the seniors in you community while you’re there!

To learn how to make fuzzy cupcake socks check out our January 2019 Campaign!