Shop ‘Til You Drop – Ambassadors and Community Helping Homeless Children


So what have ISP’ers been up to lately? How are we spending our time and money? Well…


Over the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, we teamed up with Operation Warm Wishes to hold a shopping spree for families in need. Operation Warm Wishes (OWW) is a non-profit organization in Tustin that helps support and rehabilitate the homeless.

 Each of the 115 participants were given $25 in gift certificates, as well as $5 cash. Along with their budget, they were given a list of suggestions to ensure they bought more health-conscious items instead of just junk.




With the help of some Princess friends, these kids learned how to make smart choices to stay under budget.

They also learned the art of coupons!

Our hope is that teaching these kids to make smart financial decisions will help to

break the cycle of homelessness in the future.

The shoppers learned quickly; some saved as much as $18!


This event was such a great way to bring communities together,

and was also a great learning experience for the kids who left with baskets full of food for their families.


Check out this article about our Shopping Spree, done by The OC Register!