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Summer of Kindness Challenge #4: Spread a Smile Edition

As more and more people are finding out about ISP I am receiving so many fun emails from the most amazing people. One last week was from a lady from Word Rocks who gave me this amazing idea in exchange for some smile wands. Fair trade I think. Word Rocks is exactly what you think it is, maybe. Basically they are wonderful, fun sayings or words written on rocks and left anywhere and everywhere people roam to brighten their day. As luck should have it we live near the beach so we spent some time last week finding some gorgeous rocks […]

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Summer of Kindness Challenge #3: Favorite Pastimes Edition

I suppose I can attribute this desire from Peanut & Angel for a permanent lemonade stand at my house in large part to the popular kid’s shows, “Peppa Pig” and “Olivia”. These pig cartoons clearly have a huge influence at the homestead. Lucky for us the week my kids started asking to make homemade lemonade just about every hour on the hour I got an email from a lovely lady sharing her support for an amazing couple, the Scheinmans. Their daughter, Olivia Hope, was born with a brain malformation that resulted in epilepsy and disabilities. They have been so inspired […]

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A Beautiful Girl & Her Courageous Gift for All Kids to Enjoy

The following article is one close to my heart as I went to high school with this incredible woman. This story demonstrates the power and potential kindness has when communities band together. I could not be more proud to be associated with some of the amazing people I went to school with that helped Maddie achieve her dream. Please read this story about her courageous journey to memorialize her beautiful daughter Have you ever been to a great museum, landmark, college building or any other beautiful place that has someone’s name attached and you wonder how the amazing place came […]

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