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Summer of Kindness Challenge #2: Environmental Edition Growing Beauty from Our Cabinet

My kids are obsessed with picking all the flowers we have in our garden. No matter how many times we let them know we shouldn’t pick the flowers they inevitably show up with a smile handing us their latest selection from the backyard. How do you get mad about that? Our solution: plant their own garden and grow some kindness to pick and give away to make some friends smile. Step 1: Grab some sunflower seeds from the kitchen and find a plot or place your pot in an area with abundant sunlight where they can thrive Step 2: Place […]

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Kids On Marriage & Relationships

Having daughters I decided a long time ago that I wanted to do a photo shoot of them in my wedding dress as little girls for their wedding day someday. It was like the ultimate dress-up party and I honestly had never seen them so happy. It was probably my most favorite thing I have done with them and it was such a fun day.   The same day I got the photos in the mail a friend of mine posted this from It was so funny even if that wasn’t the sweet image I had in my mind […]

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What’s On Your Bucket List?

They’re heeeeerrrreeeee…….all our kids at home that is. So what to do, what to do? Of course if I ask my 3 year old twins what they want to do the answer is always in unison, “Disneyland!”. Every. Single. Day. Nope, no thanks. Not with a two hour wait for a 60 second ride on Dumbo with two impatient girls on a Mickey-induced sugar high. We will wait until September ladies. What we did do at our house though is make a summer bucket list. The girls each get a turn once a week to pick a picture from the […]

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