Summer of Kindness Challenge #2: Environmental Edition Growing Beauty from Our Cabinet

My kids are obsessed with picking all the flowers we have in our garden. No matter how many times we let them know we shouldn’t pick the flowers they inevitably show up with a smile handing us their latest selection from the backyard. How do you get mad about that? Our solution: plant their own garden and grow some kindness to pick and give away to make some friends smile.

Step 1: Grab some sunflower seeds from the kitchen and find a plot or place your pot in an area with abundant sunlight where they can thrive

Step 2: Place the soil in the pot or in your plot. If in a pot make sure there is proper drainage for the flowers. If in a plot allow the soil to warm thoroughly before adding seeds.

Step 3: We had the kids loosen the soil with their hands and then dig one inch holes for the seeds. We placed them about 18 inches apart.

sunflower 8  Step 4: We had the kids drop the seeds into the holes and cover with the soil. Clearly our three year olds may have dumped more seeds than necessary but nevertheless they felt quite accomplished.

Step 5: Add your fertilizer and then to care for them water about every other day.

sunflower 2

Once planted the girls cared for them daily. Each morning it was the first thing they wanted to do was watch their flowers grow.

sunflower 9

These photos are our plants at about 6 weeks old.

sunflower 7

sunflower 6

sunflower 1step 6: cut your best sunflowers, tie a ribbon around them and brighten someone’s day with a handmade note.

sunflower 5

Who’s day isn’t brightened up by a sunflower? Clearly this girl is just relaxing in the summer CA sun reveling in a job well done.

sunflower 3


Have a wonderful week!