What’s On Your Bucket List?

bucketlistbucket They’re heeeeerrrreeeee…….all our kids at home that is. So what to do, what to do? Of course if I ask my 3 year old twins what they want to do the answer is always in unison, “Disneyland!”. Every. Single. Day. Nope, no thanks. Not with a two hour wait for a 60 second ride on Dumbo with two impatient girls on a Mickey-induced sugar high. We will wait until September ladies.

What we did do at our house though is make a summer bucket list. The girls each get a turn once a week to pick a picture from the envelope and then we pick a date the following week to engage in that activity. Clearly I had to pick the activities to choose from otherwise we would have a bucket full of Disneyland with a bonus item as “eat cotton candy”. As usual, Mom to the rescue with a pretty awesome well-thought out bucket list of things we have never done.bucketlistwands

Some of the activities we put on our summer 2014 bucket were

  • Legoland
  • Make a Fairy Garden
  • Concert in the Park (this one made the cut because Hollywood U2 is playing and well faux Bono is better than no Bono)
  • Butterfly Conservatory
  • The San Diego Zoo
  • Visiting the tide pools
  • Backyard movie night


There is a catch though. For their bucket list, they must earn their special field trip. A simple kindness chart in our house for when they do something nice or kind for another either at home, at the park or in public, they get a star. 5 stars equals one wand. One wand awards a drawing from the envelope to pick their choice of the preselected day trips. It’s a win/win for us. They have fun making it into a daily contest who can be “more kind” that week and I’m the proud parent of the child that made a sweet and thoughtful gesture to another.


Once we are done with each bucket list item, we take a photo and replace the picture on the colored paper with a photo from our summer adventure. We then hang it in their playroom so they can see what we have done so far this summer and inspire them to keep spreading the goodness all summer long.

So we have to ask, what’s on your bucket list?