The Must-See Bullying Movie Everyone Should Watch – Out 3/27/15

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photo credit A Girl Like Her Official Movie site.
Bullying. It’s one of the hottest topics currently. Between camera phones, social media, and an egocentric generation that obsesses about the perfect selfie – I highly doubt I am alone when I say I am so glad I grew up in a time that none of these things were readily available as adolescence was complicated enough without these things. Unfortunately our children are not as fortunate and I believe that no matter who your child is, how they dress, how well liked and respected they are by their peers, sport they are involved in pretty or popular they are – they too will fall victim at one time or another.
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photo credit A Girl Like Her official movie site
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photo credit A Girl Like Her official movie site
A Girl Like Her hits theaters March 27th in the states and tells the story of what happens a million times a year and how life and death it can be. Jessica is relentlessly being harassed by former friend, Avery, and does not understand what she has done to warrant such vicious behavior. As her best friend helps her document the abuse with a hidden camera one can see how bad things can get for teens today. 
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My daughters are nowhere near their teenage years but the thought of raising a girl in this day and age frightens me to the core. A lot this fear is rooted in this “mean girl syndrome” and how people can now creep into every aspect of their lives if they allow it. I work tirelessly in providing them with as much compassion, perspective and opportunities to serve others in hopes that when their preteen years arrive they are ready for what could come. It’s the only coat of armor I can provide for them – but nothing is guaranteed.
Until then my job is to learn as much as I can, understand what I can do to prepare them for the sometimes cruel world that does exist and do everything in my power to spread awareness to parents of young girls now in hopes that together we can teach our children bullying of any sort is unacceptable and can be detrimental. To work together with other Moms and empower ourselves to help turn the tide slowly but surely.
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Photo credit a Girl Like Her official movie site
Even if your children are preschool/elementary school age, watch this trailer and consider seeing this movie. If you have older daughters, together take a day with their friends and friends Moms to see this movie. Then discuss. Sit down afterwards over a meal and have a real, open conversation about this film and what it means to them. What they see at their school or how they can relate. Then – how they can help change the pattern collectively. It might be the most impacting film they will ever see.