The holiday season is here and there are a more people and causes that need assistance than we care to count, but we have selected a couple for our group this year.

But first, I want to share a good article an ISP’er shared with me on how to raise grateful kids. I know I am not alone when I say I worry incessantly that I will raise kids that have no concept of the world in which we live and the privileges they have simply by luck of birth. We try tirelessly to put a sense of reality into them that the life in which they lead in Orange County is a far cry from how the rest of the world lives and hope to instill as much compassion into them as possible at this young age.  Click  here to read the article about raising grateful children from OC Family.

This year we have a simple way to collect either canned food or goods for homeless/needy in  your area AND/OR toys for hospitals, homeless, orphanages – whichever area your heart leads you and your family this month. If you wish to contribute to our OC-specific service project please see the info at the bottom for more information.

This holiday weekend we went to all the doors in our neighborhood with a short letter from the twins, the logo and websites of ISP and the organizations we are going to assist this year, and the girls’ Kindness Ambassador business card stapled to it. We left it on the doorsteps but also met a lot of neighbors in our new neighborhood which was wonderful – even a Doctor that was working on the floor in which Angel recovered on after her open heart surgery. The girls had a great time helping their cause.


ISP Kindness Ambassador Business Card (contact us for some free cards for your Ambassador)

Here is how we did it:

  1. Wrote a short half page note with the ISP logo and the logo of the organization(s) we are assisting this year along with the website, who we were, why we were collecting, and to leave any donations by December 12th on our doorstep if they wish to help – big or small.
  2. Left a small bag stapled to it (or without as we know since November 7th those little plastic bags cost us over a $1 each) for them to bring the donation in to our house
  3. stapled the ISP Kindness Ambassador business card on there to add some color and show we are a legitimate organization (with our 501(c)3 number, etc.)
  4. Took the girls door to door in our neighborhood only (for safety) and if they ran into anyone explain who they were and why they were collecting this season.

It took us about an hour total to blanket the neighborhood but that included stopping and meeting people since we are new here and the kids felt accomplished and proud. Even if we only get a canned good here and there it’s still exactly what my kids need to feel accountable for helping others and taking pride in their work. I make them do the legwork and they appreciate it so much more. Believe me, they will talk about it for months if we get even one can on our doorstep.


Toys will be given to OWW ‘s event for Christmas Day homeless

If you wish to help us with our cause instead of recreating the wheel for your service acts and are in OC, we are collecting toys for the OWW Pancake Breakfast on Christmas Day for the Homeless and their children and also canned goods for Families Forward OC. I asked all donations to be in to me no later than December 12th. If you wish to drop off to me directly email me and I will provide you with a drop off address.

If you wish to do other acts of kindness, etc. we do have free printables for kids to use from the website. You can view and print from this page.

Happy Holidays Ambassadors! Thanks for all you do!