Help Keep Drunk Drivers From Our Family & Friends This Holiday

Help Keep Drunk Drivers From Our Family & Friends This Holiday


This month’s challenge is for us parents, friends, or anyone you can pass this off to that is an adult or old enough to drive.

A friend of mine posted last night on social media that she stopped someone leaving the same bar who was highly impaired and getting in his car to please consider an Uber and that it wasn’t worth it. He stopped, agreed, and left his car. She could have saved a life….or several last night. It gave me the idea to do a challenge for the parents this month. I appreciated her actions so much as this is someone who could have killed my kids, my family, my friends, or anyone important to me. She was right – someone can make a difference every day.


So easy. So simple. Incredibly important.

My grandfather was hit by a drunk driver when he was young on Christmas Eve. I only knew him as a paraplegic and that has stuck with me forever knowing why his life was so challenging. I am hypervigilant when we go out and now no longer drink much myself. So this month maybe if all of us Moms, Dads, friends, neighbors or even strangers in a bar (like my friend) adopt this challenge through December we can make huge difference in someone’s Mom, child, friend or grandparent even being around to celebrate a holiday season. Then, perhaps make it a trend to carry into 2017.



  1. You.
  2. Your voice – even if someone doesn’t want to hear it

How to do this month’s challenge:

  1. Be vigilant. Keep your eyes and ears open. Even if you follow someone to their car (with another person of course for safety), be vocal and politely ask if you can help them get an Uber
  2. Maybe a charitable act you can do this year is pay for that $10 Uber ride? I would rather pay for that person’s Uber than find out tomorrow that they hurt an innocent person in their bad judgement for a night out.


In a country right now where everyone is divided I believe this is one we can unite on – safety for everyone we love. Spread the word and tell others to do the same – if even 10% of us stopped someone before driving intoxicated – think of the difference we will make over the holiday season.


Have a wonderful start to your holiday season and let us know if you find yourself in a place where you need to use this challenge while you are out celebrating with family and friends.