Just For Thanksgiving: These Photos Will Restore Your Faith in Kindness






thanksgiving 3


Although I am opting not to cook this year for Thanksgiving, the meaning of the holiday is not lost on me. Last Thanksgiving I was happy just to have two healthy, happy 3 year olds. This year I have the same gratitude for these things we many times take for granted.

I came across a “Faith in Humanity Restored” photo of a 2 year old right after her open heart surgery with the same bandages and machines hooked up to her as Angel did. It said, “A two year old the day after open heart surgery. When asked how she was able to walk so quickly she said, ‘these Hello Kitty slippers'”. I have the same photo of Angel and we watched her do the same thing to the end of the hall the day after surgery only to get to a “treasure chest” at the end of the ICU floor filled with donated toys.

racquel collage

This photo was taken the next day. She became my hero that day making that walk. My faith was restored when right after this photo, in excruciating pain, she looked at that nurse and said, “thank you”.

For Thanksgiving today I wanted to share some my favorite photos and short stories demonstrating “faith in humanity restored” to remind us amazing things happen every day. And for that I am thankful.


1. A card left amongst bills in the mail for a college sorority sister of mine whose husband serves our country and she raises 3 young children. An anonymous card was left for her with a $200 gift card in it just because they felt she was extraordinary. It was signed, “12 ordinary women”. Truly this card was the inspiration behind this post today.

sharla collage

2. A man teaching his girlfriend the alphabet after she lost her memory.

teaching girlfriend alphabet

3.  A Christmas tree complete with presents for a man that needed it the most from strangers.

christmas tree

4.  A man gives to a homeless man. The time spent talking to him like a human being brought him to tears.


5.  An expensive random act of kindness in hopes of someone paying it forward to another. Nothing more.

truck tires

6. A teen offers his free services to those drinking one night in honor of his friend that was killed. Many of those teens filled out the cards on the right pledging not to drink and drive and many gave money to the driver which he donated back to M.A.D.D.

drunk driving collage

7.  Need I say more?


8. This one had to make the cut because we flew to Hawaii with our twins at 20 weeks and should have done this. It would have helped all those dirty looks we got. Thankfully, the girls pulled it off, just to prove everyone wrong!


9. Dan, because he has his priorities straight.


10. A note from a child to her dog’s vet.

amputated dog legs

11.   This couple. One without arms and the other without legs work together to take look out for and take care of one another. So beautiful.

care of one another couple

12.  This man who reads to his coworker that cannot. Every. Single. Day.

read to co worker every day

13.  A teen with cancer was not released to go to his prom without wearing a mask so all of his friends wore one as well.


14.  Paul Walker. Not only was he beautiful, but kind. There are many stories like this out there about him.

paul walker

15. And this one because her face is just amazing.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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