Kindness Over Candy This Valentine’s Day

Kindness Over Candy This Valentine’s Day

How many years now have you rushed to the nearest Target the week of Valentines day only to find picked over, cartoon-covered, generic messaged cards for your kids to pass out to their classmates? We can all probably remember as kids looking forward to passing out and receiving these cards in class, maybe even cherishing one from your innocent third grade crush. Only days later though they would most likely end up in the trash, the candy picked over, and it was time to move on to the next holiday. That seems a little meaningless. Isn’t the whole point of Valentines Day to celebrate the love we have for our family and friends and to share that love, maybe a little kindness too? How much love and kindness does a card that reads “be mine” really say?

Let’s change this year! In lieu of passing out the typical store-bought Valentines’ Day card, we’re encouraging your family to spread the love this February through kindness cards. A kindness card is a heart shaped card filled with warm-and-fuzzy, kind messages. Kids can make the messages specific to friends, family members, or neighbors or general enough to pass out to classmates, the mailman, the grocery store clerk, or anyone they can think of!

Here are some examples to help get you started:

  • “You’re Amazing Just the Way You Are”
  • “You’re Cool Because You’re Kind”
  • “I Think You’re Kind Because You Help Others”
  • “Kindness is Your Best Quality”
  • “You’re Kind Because You Include Everyone”
  • “You’re Awesome Because You’re Kind”
  • “Everyone Loves You Because You’re Kind”
  • “Kind People Are My Kinda People, That’s You!
  • “Kindness is Greatness and You’re the Greatest”
  • “You Make Me Happy Because You’re Kind”
  • “You’re an Example to Others Because You’re Kind”
  • “You’re Kindness Makes My Day”
  • “You’re Kind Because You Share”
  • “I Think You’re Kind Because You’re Always There for Others”
  • “I Think You’re Kind Because You Stand Up to Bullies”
  • “You’re Kind Because You Consider Others”

*Check out our Resources Page to download some print outs! Click Here!

Not only will your kids make others feel more special and loved than any store-bought card ever could, but they will feel good about themselves as well, knowing that they are spreading kindness. Studies have shown that when kids and adolescents practice kindness they are more confident, have better mental health, and are able to make social connections easier than their not-so-kind peers. This article explains it pretty well and is definitely worth the read Why Teaching Kindness in Schools is Essential to Reducing BullyingJust imagine what an act of kindness can do for your kid. Now imagine if we can spread that love and kindness to all the kids in their school, in their after-school activities, church groups, and neighborhood. The world might start looking pretty kind and that doesn’t seem like a bad thing at all.

We hope you will join us this month to spread kindness and love! Take the extra effort to make someone feel extra special!